Boston's Zakim Bridge

Massachusetts Trial Court law library has a wealth of legal information freely available online.  The web site is easy to navigate for non-lawyers as well.

Plymouth County Probate & Family Court
has a user friendly interface with a large selection of regularly used Court Forms available.  The forms allow you to fill in the blanks and print from your personal computer.

Massachusetts DOT/Registry of Motor Vehicles

License suspensions. This is where you’ll want to go to examine your driver’s record, obtain a copy for your lawyer, and obtain preliminary information on the type of hearing or appeal your case requires.

Consumer Protection Division, Attorney General Martha Coakley
This site lists the various types of fraud and complaints handled by the Consumer Division of the Public protection Bureau.  There are online forms for making the complaint process simplified.  Please note, that there is not a cross-reference in place between the Consumer Division and the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you make a complaint to the BBB, you also need to make it to the Attorney General’s Office if it is under their jurisdiction and if you want the AG to become involved.


American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts
“Because the rights you save may be your own”
Need I say more?

Eastern MA Better Business Bureau